Website redesign for video production agency ‘Interesting Content’

Interesting Content is a London-based video production agency which is currently patenting their pending technology named ‘SmartAd!’ to know what content their client’s customers find engaging, shareworthy, and interesting. WebBox.CO developed the first Interesting Content website and was hired to develop the rebranded version. Both times we developed the website as per the concept.




In light of their new technology, Interesting Content also decided for a visual rebranding, keeping only the logo and blue color from the old visual identity. Website concept and brand identity designed by the lovely Silvia Destefanis, a visual and UX designer. Following is an excerpt from Silvia’s case study.

– The client asked for a stronger and more professional image, renewing the look&feel but keeping the existing logo,
– The visual style aims at conveying professionalism in a friendly manner, is inclusive of different age ranges and roles,
– I designed a simple and innovative layout, assigning a different colour to each website section, whilst the blue (the only colour kept from the old branding) goes across the website for connection,
– I used soft rounded corners, and deep shadows to make the content stand out and stay friendly.

To develop the website as closely to Silvia’s design as possible, under the hood lie over 300 lines of custom code, tailored specifically for Interesting Content. The most important tailorings are noticeable by developers, while some code changes are more visibly grandiose, such as the soft shadows and curved edges.



Developed by WebBox.CO, Designed by Silvia Destefanis.



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